BeGone: Guerra

BeGone: Guerra

Begone Guerra is a multi-player shooter game which can be played in your browser. The game can be played as the first person or the third person shooter. In first person shooter you will be able to aim through small cracks and only a small amount of your body will be visible while in the third person you can see around corners without exposing your whole body. The game has different maps like warehouse, courtyard, tower, timbertown, crane and pipeline. You can adjust all the controls through the option menu. Change mouse sensitiviy to your liking. If the game is lagging then select the graphics to low. Start the action using variety of weapons available and compete with your firends or against other players from all over the web.

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  1. enroicoi adiboy says:

    i want this game

  2. Josh Christian Cameros says:


  3. kill4fun says:

    man i love this game

  4. I LOVE BEGONE says:

    old daysssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. chihung says:

    i kill 43 times in begone but i have one clan in nplay!!

  6. SkyTheGamer says:

    I Like This Game, But I Dont Play It Well!!
    And I Want To Join A Clan!!!

  7. AlbozZz. says:

    this is a very good game

  8. ImDavidXD says:

    this game is awesome

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